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The Cheetah

What Does a cheetah look like?
How can we help the cheetahs? What is being done?

What Does a cheetah look like?


The skeleton of a cheetah differs from the most form of a cat.  It's skeleton is very similar to the skeleton of a dog.  It's limbs are very long.


You can tell a cheetah from other cats because a cheetah crouches with it's feet out in front of them.  The cheetah is considered a "big cat."  A cheetah has very distinct claws.  The claws can only be a bit retracted and are very harmful.
Cheetah's legs are oddly long when compared to other cats.  However, the head of a cheetah is quite small.  The length of the head and the bosy is 4ft and the tail is 2ft.  Cheetahs weigh over 100lbs.
The coat of the cheetah is tanny to light grey with white underneath, and the most part of the coat is convered with closely black spots.  There is a black stripe on each side of the cheetahs face running from the eye to the mouth.  They have a white throat where they aren't any spots.  There are 4-6 black rings and a bushy white tuft at the end of a cheetahs tail.  Lastly, the teeth of a cheetah are very small, this is because they have a large nasal passage.
An adult cheetah usually weighs 80-140 pounds and is about 32 inches tall at shoulder length and 48-56 inches long.  In addition, there is another 28-32 inches in tail.  Males are larger than the females.


"Cheetah" comes from a Hindi word signifying "spotted one."