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The Cheetah

What Does a cheetah look like?
How can we help the cheetahs? What is being done?

African Cheetah ~ red area
Asiatic Cheetah ~ green area

Cheetahs are now found south of the Sahara Desert. They like to live in places with treeless plain and long-grass plains. It is good for a cheetah to live in  an environment with many bushes, tall grass and other large plants.  This will help them hide from their enemies.

Cheetahs live in Africa and Asia.
Female cheetahs usually live alone unless they have their cubs.  Male cheetahs will also usually live alone unless they live with their brothers.
Male and Female cheetahs may mate at anytime of the year.  It is very possible for two or more male cheetahs to fight over the same female mate.  After mating, the male will stay with the female cheetah for a day or two and then he will leave.  He does not stay to raise or look after the cubs.
Cheetahs can live up to twelve to fourteen years.  When captivated, they can live up to seventeen years.

Photography By Hannah done at the Toronto Zoo