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The Cheetah

What Does a cheetah look like?
How can we help the cheetahs? What is being done?

How can we help the cheetahs? What is being done?


Basic ways we can help the extinction is to stop the poaching.  Poaching is illegal killing and we should stop the poaching.  Also, we should give cheetahs the land they need.  Us, humans keep on invading the land of the cheetah and other endangered species.  How do we expect cheetahs to stay alive when we keep on limiting their habitat?  We should be respecing the wildlife more, or eventually we might not have a wildlife at all.
There are many funds you could find to help cheetahs.  At the DeWildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre, there is a conservation cheetah fund.  They dedicate the most part of their lives trying to help conserve animals like the cheetah. GO FIND THEM AND DONATE!
People think that when they catch the cheetah and put them in a cage it is good and safe for the cheetah.  However, this is wrong!  Although it might seem like now like now they have a better chance of not dying because they aren't in the wild, it is false!  When a cheetah is in a cage it is practically dead, it is dead to the wild.  It is wrong for us to keep them in cages.  This is keep them extinct.  We must let the cheetahs go or maybe give them to a zoo.  However, when in captivity cheetahs do not breed well aswell as they are more prone to health problems.
Ways you can help...
1. Adopt a cheetah!
2. Make a Donation
3. Become a member of the CCF(cheetah conservation fund)
4. Wish list

This website will give you more information on how you can help the cheetahs!



What we can do to help the cheetahs is basically what is being done right now to help the cheetahs survive.

There are many conservation organizations going on for example the Saint Louis Zoo.  They are working to save these animals like many other organizations in the world.

Also, there have been new enforced laws about poaching and not being able to sell pelts.

Aswell as adoption services and protests.